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We offer safe No Pressure roof cleaning along with house washing, deck revitalizing and light repair. Fully Insured

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Don't replace your roof-ReNew it!

Our Non Pressure cleaning equipment is specifically designed and built to clean roofs and exteriors to give you clean, damage free guaranteed results. With no more pressure than a garden hose.

Having your roof cleaned periodically will extend the life expectancy of your roof by many years saving you thousands of dollars.

Your roof is one of the most expensive structures of your home. Keeping it maintained properly makes sound financial sense. 

All at the fraction of the cost of replacing your roof. You will be surprised on how inexpensive this process is.

We will evaluate your roof for cleaning and and look for structural problems. If your shingles look "beyond" cleaning and need to be replaced, we will recommend a professional roofing company to you.

Moss, a plant infestation, GM (Gleocapsa Magma) a cyanobacteria and Lichen, a destructive fungus that chemically eats the substrtate it on, are brought to your roof by wind, birds and surrounding trees. Todays asphalt shingles are made with crushed limestone as a filler. These algae's feed off from the limestone and will shorten it's life span by many years. 

As these organisms build up on your roof, they hold in the heat causing the shingles to prematurely age, curling and making the shingles brittle. This will also increase the heat in your home during the warmer months increasing cooling bills.

We use the only proven method of cleaning asphalt shingles and slate accepted and recommended by the ARMA (American Roofing Manufacturers  Association) who support all of the shingle manufacturers.

Having your roof professionally cleaned & maintained will give you peace of mind knowing that your roof will last as long as the manufacturers say it will.

We now offer a maintenance program

Every three years we clean your roof at the original 1st time cost.

With safety and customer satisfaction our top priorities. ReNew Roof & Exterior Cleaning LLC is the company you can rely on each and every time.

Charlestown New Hampshire with a 50 mile radius. 

Alstead NH, Walpole NH, Lempster NH, Westmoreland NH, Keene NH, Peterborough NH, Claremont NH, Newport NH, Sunapee NH, West Lebanon NH, Lebanon NH, Enfield NH, Swanzey NH, Sullivan county, Cheshire county.

Rutland VT, Ludlow VT, Chester VT, Bellows Falls VT, Westminster VT, Springfield VT, Putney VT, Brattleboro VT and Windsor county, Windam county, Rutland county.